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Related post: Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 08:01:24 -0500 From: Jerome ******** young xxx Moir Subject: Rendezvous With Jayson - Part 5Disclaimer: The following is a incest young sibling true story based on actual events; only the names have been changed to protect the satisfied. This story contains graphic descriptions of sex between two consenting men. If you are under the age of 18 years or if you find this kind of thing offensive, please do not read any further. However, if you meet the required criteria, please enjoy this fresh installment and feel free to send me your comments at: I promise I will acknowledge all emails I receive. After three days of unconsciousness, Jayson groggily opened his eyes. As the images slowly sharpened into focus, he wondered where he was. But when a jolt of pain stabbed him in his abdomen, he soon realized he was in the hospital.When Derrick came to look for Jayson, the nurses informed him that visiting hours would not be for another thirty minutes. 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It was an email from Sammy, the contents of which betrayed Jayson's secret fling with his other teammate. With a printed copy of the email in his hand, Derrick headed to Jayson's room. It was visiting time.Jayson had his eyes closed, but he wasn't asleep. Derrick slowly entered the room, careful not to make any noise. He proceeded to Jayson's bedside and sat down. young girl lesbian young photo ru As illegal nude young he took Jayson's hand young crossdressers into his carefully, he thought one more time about the email he had just read."Hey baby, I'm here. How are you doing today?" he young harcore questioned."Mmmm," Jayson groaned, startling Derrick."Jayson, you're awake," Derrick excitedly replied. He jumped up and quickly summoned a nurse who confirmed that indeed Jayson was awake. Before Derrick could say young girl underwear anything else, the nurse was ushering him out of the room and calling for a doctor.Derrick was young chics xxx so happy Jayson was awake, he forgot all about the email. About half an hour later the doctor exited Jayson's room. He came towards Derrick. "Are you here for Mr. Belini?" the doctor asked."Yes doctor," Derrick said as he stood up, "how is he doing? Is he going to be mafia young picture all right?" "Good and yes," the doctor responded as he motioned for Derrick to sit young girl undressing down."I don't understand," Derrick said.The doctor proceeded to explain Jayson's condition to an impatient Derrick. When the doctor was done and he had gotten the green light, Derrick headed back to Jayson's room. This time as he entered, Jayson had his eyes open.A warm smile lit up his face as Derrick came towards the bed."Hey cutie," Derrick greeted him.Jayson smiled back at him as Derrick sat down and held his hands again."You had us all young teen topsites so worried, but we are glad you are ok," he continued.Jayson interrupted Derrick by pulling one of his hands young amateur couple free and raising it to his mouth. Derrick didn't realize that Jayson's voice was gone and he had to indicate that he wanted writing material.Jayson weakly scribbled on the piece of paper he was handed. Then he folded the paper and placed it in Derrick's hand, raised the closed hand and kissed it.Derrick opened his palm and then the piece of paper. Fucking young After reading the written words, he looked down at young bitch porn Jayson quizzing."I don't understand," he said.Jayson had indicated that while he was glad to have him there, he had no idea who he was. Confused, Derrick calmly sat down and assured Jayson that he was there as his friend young nudist toplist and would take very good young butts care of him.After about forty-five minutes, Derrick told Jayson he was going to go home and would be back later to check on him. Jayson nodded and Derrick left the room. Before leaving, he stopped by the nurse's station to enquire if anyone else had visited Jayson besides his family. The nurse looked through her book and then nn.young said no.Derrick headed straight over to Sammy's house and found him in the yard working on his car. He walked up to the shirtless, sweaty Sammy and punched him square younger kindgirl nude in the face, knocking the younger man over.Sammy Famous rich young lay bleeding up against the hood youngest russian girls of virgin young porn his young amateur facials car. As his vision steadied, he saw Derrick coming at him again and quickly moved away. The force of Derrick's advance propelled him into the young teenie incest side of the house."What the fuck is going on?" Sammy questioned."You son of a bitch," Derrick snapped back as he lunged again for Sammy. "You slept with young teeny legal my lover and you're illegal youngsex 12y going to pay for it," he said."What the fuck young pictures illegal are you talking about?" Sammy questioned again as he ran to the other side of car, wiping blood verry young nudes from his face."I'm going to fuck you up Sammy, that's what I am going to do," Derrick shouted as he raced around the car trying to catch up with Sammy.Sammy managed to out sprint Derrick and into the house, locking the door behind him. With Derrick safely on the outside, Sammy began to hurl insults at him, tainting him. After about fifteen minutes, and getting nowhere, Derrick left.When he got home, he went to the bathroom to wash his face. teen ls young It was then that Derrick realized his fist was bleeding.That night Derrick cried himself to sleep trying to imagine Jayson and Sammy together. When he woke up the next morning, the phone young shaved teens was ringing. By the time he picked up the receiver, the party on the other side had hung up.He got dressed and was about to leave for the hospital to check on Jayson; but as he opened the front door he free young preeteen was met with a blow to the face. Derrick stumbled back into the house and his attacker followed him landing several other blows before Derrick could get one in.Through the youngeroticastories daze he soon recognized his attacked as Sammy and he had sexy young teenager a look in his face Derrick had not seen before."I'm going to teach you a lesson," Sammy said as he jumped on Derrick, pinning him to the floor. Derrick tried to push his attacker off, but Sammy got the upper hand and pinned him to the floor."Get off me, you fucking ass," Derrick bellowed."No, you have it all young cp galleries wrong, ass hole," Sammy responded," you're ass is mine and you're going to like it."Sammy ripped Derrick shirt and tore half of youngnude it away. Still firmly holding both of Derrick's arms, Sammy produced a pair of plastic handcuffs and attempted to get them onto his struggling prey.Derrick is much larger than Sammy in terms of body mass, but the surprise of the attack allowed him to get the upper hand. After a couple minutes of struggle, japan young teens he was able to affix the handcuffs and quickly jumped up, smiling.Derrick, his hands not confined, continued to kick around."Go ahead fucker," Sammy gloated, "exhaust yourself and make it easier for me.""Fuck you Sammy," Derrick shouted back."Now you can take this like a man, or young naturist girls you can young sluts young humping fight like a bitch, either way you're going to be my boy pussy today," said Sammy."In your dreams mother fucker," Derrick snapped back and continued to kick."I didn't ask you," Sammy said as he slapped Derrick to the side of his face. "I want that ass and I am going ukrainian young naturist to have it, whether you like or not."Derrick began to realize what was about to happen to him, but he was not going to let Sammy see how terrified he is.Standing over him, Sammy pulled off his shirt, wiping young chinese nudes the sweat from his face. young usa nudes He threw the shirt unto the sofa and then removed his belt. As Derrick looked up he could see a bulge porn so young in Sammy's pants and he knew the young stud was hard.Sammy unbuttoned his jeans shorts and pulled them off. His cock produced a pronounced tent in his boxers as he knelt down straddling Derrick's stomach. He reached down and tried to kiss xxx young angel Derrick, but he moved his face away.Sammy responded young small nudist with a sharp slap across his face.Sammy, still straddling Derrick, reached back and unbuttoned his victim's pants. Using his weight o hold him down, he removed Derrick's pants and boxers, exposing his manhood.Still soft, Sammy took Derrick's cock in his hand and squeezed gently. Derrick struggled some more."Nice dick," Sammy said, "I bet Jayson just young chics loves it.""Get off me, you pervert, Derrick said as he again tried to get Sammy off of him."You don't young lollita pics get the art of the deal yet, have you?" Sammy questioned. "You're about soul survivor young to experience the fuck of your life. So shut the fuck up and start enjoying it," Sammy shouted.With that he wrestled Derrick over young girl fingering unto his stomach and positioned himself in between his legs. Derrick continued to struggle but he young fashion nudes was loosing the fight. As Sammy reached for his pants and took out a condom. He unrolled the piece of nymph nude young rubber on his cock and then squeezed the contents of a small tube into this hand. young lesbian mpegs He younger pics sloppily dabbed the contents on Derrick's hole, smearing much taylor young porn of it on his nice round cheeks as the struggle continued. "You can make this easy or take it the hard way," Sammy said as he slapped the back of Derrick's head.He used both his hands as he grabbed Derrick's mid section and pulled him up. He positioned his condom-covered cock and with one quick plunge, young teen mpg impaled Derrick with his massive eight-inch cock.Derrick screamed in pain and just sobbed uncontrollably as Sammy started to pump his big cock in an out of Derrick's virgin ass.But before he could get a good rhythm going Sammy was dealt a sudden blow to the side of the head. He slumped over Derrick, his hard cock still inserted deep into the young man's butt.Through tears, Derrick managed to look youngest girls porno back and see Jayson standing over them. Sammy's cock had gone soft and slipped out of Derrick butt. A trail of blood on the floor told him that the damage had been done, though.Without saying a word, Jayson rolled Sammy off of Derrick and proceeded to loosen the handcuffs. Derrick tried to very very youngporn get young asia girls up, but the sharp pain in his butt made him stop and cry out in pain.Jayson knelt down and just hugged him. After about two minutes, youngest pregnant Derrick managed to get amateur youngster fuck himself up. Still shaking and crying, he hugged Jayson as he tried to go to the bathroom. Jayson stopped old young xxx him very young preeteen and without speaking, motioned him not to.Jayson younger lollita porn knew that Derrick was about to take a shower or something, but he wanted to call the police. Derrick angrily brushed Jayson's hands from around him."I am not going to call the police," Derrick said.Sammy moaned on the floor. Derrick picked up a towel that was on a nearby chair and wrapped it around his waist. He slowly, painfully walked into the kitchen and came back out with a handgun in his hand.Jayson froze.Derrick walked deliberately over to where Sammy was starting to move about. He aimed the gun down at him and just youngest sexi girls held it there a while."Derrick, please, don't do that," Jayson pleaded."This dirt bag raped me, Jayson, its either he dies or I die. Either way, someone is going to die today," Derrick said and Jayson came to his side."Think of what you're doing my love," Jayson said. He was young girl fuckin about to say something else when he was interrupted."Wait a minute, you can speak," Derrick said excitedly."Yes," replied Jayson, "my voice came back this russian young sexe morning, and I told the doctor I wanted to go home. Good thing young teen hardcore I did," tiny young fucking he said."But you should be in young portal the hospital," Derrick protested, "you were unconscious, you need to be where they can check on you.""I'll be ok," Jayson assured.While they were talking, Sammy sat up and was listening to them."Do you think you fairies can pass me my clothes?" asked Sammy.Derrick responded by youngest girls sex turning around and without aiming, discharged the young amater girl gun in young boy porno his direction."Jesus, what are you doing>" Sammy questioned frighteningly, "you almost shot me.""Yeah, I missed that one, but this one won't," Derrick said as he pointed the gun free young girl at Sammy's head."Sweetheart, don't pay any mind to him," Jayson again pleaded with Derrick."You're right Jayson, this miserable excuse for a human being is not worth it," said Derrick.Sammy sighed in relief, but this was far from being over."Get up," Derrick ordered.Sammy stood up, the condom still hanging from his now soft teen young girl cock. Dried blood was on his pubic area.Derrick used Sammy's shirt to gag him and force him over the side of the sofa, exposing his ass."How about if we turn the tables?" Derrick asked as he slapped Free young gay Sammy's cheeks.Sammy tried to get up but he was pushed back down. As Jayson watched in disbelief, young little preeteen Derrick stroked his cock to its seven glorious inches. Sammy was furiously trying to protest, but the gag allowed only muffled sounds.Without any preliminaries, Derrick inserted all seven inches of his cock into Sammy's ass in one fell swoop. The pain was too much and Sammy slumped further over the sofa as he lost consciousness."How do you like this, bitch," Derrick teased very young prostitutes as he pumped his big fat cock in an out of Sammy's butt."Derrick, he's uncensored young nudes unconscious, you're hurting him," Jayson said as he came towards the sofa."See if I care," Derrick replied as he picked up the pace. Sammy was bleeding as the assault was tearing his tight butt to shreds. Derrick continued to fuck his attacker mercilessly. There was younger 16yo cunt almost complete silence in the room, the only sound being air being swished out of Sammy's bloody ass with each penetration of young nn porn Derrick's pussy young russian rock hard cock.When he came close to blowing his load, Derrick pulled out of the used, bloody hole and moved up to Sammy's face. He wanted to smear his face with his cum. Sammy was out cold and could not put up any resistance. With a handful of hair he lifted Sammy's head and jerked his bloodied cock.After young asian cunts about a minute, the first shot of cum flew out of his cock and landed on Sammy mouth. Derrick quickly forced his victims mouth opened as aimed his erupting cock at the entrance, filling it with the remainder of his cum.As his orgasm subsided, smaller amounts escaped the head of his now tender cock and landed on Sammy's face. Using his cock, Derrick smeared Sammy's face with his cum. young latina ******** When he was done Derrick went into the bedroom and came back out with his digital camera. He took pictures of Sammy's cum-covered face, of his mouth with cum draining from it, and his bleeding butt."Memories," Derrick smiled at Jayson, as he put the camera on the table."I can't believe you just Brigham young quote did that," Jayson shook his head as he went into the bedroom. Derrick slapped Sammy's naked butt as he walked pass and into the bathroom to wash up.Jayson was in the bedroom and Derrick was in the shower, when Sammy regained consciousness. He choked on the load of cum in his mouth and disgustingly wiped his palm across Hentai young his mouth. He places one of his hands on his butt and brought it to his face. Seeing the blood, Sammy soon realized he had been raped.Seeing no one around, he quickly youngest nude category put his clothes on and sprinted young shaven from the house. Sammy was in such a hurry to get away from Derrick's house that ran right out into the street. He was a couple of steps away from the sidewalk when a taxi came barreling down the street and the last think he remembered was someone shouting: "look out!" When Derrick emerged sexy young teen from the shower, Sammy was gone. He heard a commotion outside was paid it no mind. He went into the young cunt incest bedroom and found Jayson lying on the bed, crying."Hey baby, what's the matter?" Derrick asked as he sat down on the bed."He raped me," Jayson sobbed, "Sammy raped me, and now, now, voyeur young "Derrick put his hand across Jayson's mouth attempting to keep him from speaking. He just young boylover pics held Jayson for a young red heads while and the sobbing stopped."There is something I think you should know," Jayson said softly."What honey?" Derrick replied."You shouldn't have done what you did," Jayson said."I know, but he deserved it. He assaulted both young nude photography of us," Derrick tried to reason."It's not that," Jayson said, "I think Sammy young preeteen pussy is HIV positive."What?" Derrick shouted, as he jumped up from the bed."I overheard the nurses petite younger female talking at the hospital," Jayson said. "He might have infected me when he raped my, and now you fucking him, might have infected yourself," Jayson said as he started to cry again.Derrick was dumfounded. He could not believe what he just heard. He walked around the bed and sat down. Without saying a word, he got up and walked out into the living room. Still without saying anything, Derrick walked back into the bedroom and stood in front of Jayson.Their lives young cotton panties had been changed forever.
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